The Praying Leader

Leading transformation in your church by developing a culture of prayer.

The Praying Leader Coaching Experience

will give you a biblical pathway to spiritual leadership that empowers you and your people for greater gospel ministry.

There is only one kind of leader that God is looking for.

The world has deceived us into thinking we need to be more skilled, more intelligent, or more professional to be successful leaders. While these are all noble desires, worldly methods can only produce worldly results. If we want to experience real empowerment and lasting fruitfulness throughout our ministry, we must get back to the Biblical path of leadership.

It’s the praying leader who experiences the transformation that only God can bring.

  • Do members of your church seem content with the status quo?
  • Do you want to see lasting transformation in the lives of your congregation?
  • Are you feeling personally distracted with lesser priorities?
  • Are you longing to grow a greater spiritual appetite and maturity in your people?
  • Are there obstacles to growth that you don’t know how to overcome?

The Praying Leader Coaching Experience will give you a biblical pathway to spiritual leadership that empowers your people for greater gospel ministry.

The Praying Leader E-Course

We are excited to now offer our Praying Leader Coaching experience in a brand new e-course format. Get all the same teaching and resources at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, there is no waiting for our next round of coaching to begin. Start your journey in becoming a praying leader today!


  • 7 video teaching sessions with Daniel Henderson.
  • Digital workbook and syllabus to guide you through a process of self-discovery and development.
  • Over 2 dozen exclusive videos from other pastors and prayer leaders with tips on leadership, spiritual growth, and more.
  • The Praying Leader Resource Kit (valued over $60)
    • Old Paths, New Power by Daniel Henderson (paperback)
    • Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson (paperback)
    • Prayz-ing by Daniel Henderson (paperback)
    • How To Lead & Experience Life Giving Prayer Times (DVD)


  • $399 $299 For a limited time only, save $100 off our brand new e-course format. Introductory discount price expires soon.


  • Our analyses and survey tools to evaluate your current ministry practices
  • Techniques for confidently leading life-giving prayer experiences
  • How to create a leadership team that can navigate changes and carry your vision forward
  • Tools increase spiritual vibrancy and engagement with your congregation
  • Guidance in how to make authentic prayer a foundation in the life of your church


  • Quarterly live Q&A virtual meetings with a Strategic Renewal coach to help you work through ongoing challenges as they arise.
  • Transfer your purchase price toward our 90 Day virtual coaching experience with Daniel Henderson and our team of coaches.
About Your Coach

Daniel Henderson

As a lead pastor for nearly three decades, Daniel Henderson saw it all. His pastoral assignments brought him face-to-face with the real challenges of local church ministry: traditionalism, stagnation, divisions, wounds from the previous leadership’s failures. But with every new “problem”, God showed Daniel that the answer is always the same. It wasn’t to adapt some other minster’s strategy, but to seek God for the specific need in the moment.

Daniel went on to help several of his own congregations experience transformation and renewal through an extraordinary commitment to prayer. Through this, he has learned and implemented the Biblical processes that any church can use to experience profound spiritual impact in the face of crisis and stagnation.

As a “pastor to pastors,“ he leads renewal experiences in local churches, speaks in a variety of leadership conferences, and actively coaches pastors from around the world. He is passionate about helping you realize positive and authentic change in the life of your church. Daniel is the author of over a dozen books, including Transforming Prayer: How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s Face and Old Paths, New Power: Awakening Your Church Through Prayer and the Ministry of The Word.

Daniel also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Evangelicals, and is the Founding Leader of The 6:4 Fellowship, a coalition of pastors committed to prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from coaching?

Our coaching model is instruction coupled with specific support for where you need help. Our team of tenured pastors who have seen church renewal first-hand are sharing wisdom and insight related to your specific questions and sharing their experiences in a confidential environment.

What is unique about our process?

We are not trying to put a modern spin on your church culture. We help Christians and churches become maximally effective in life and ministry through time-tested processes that are rooted in Scripture and proven to result in greater God-dependency and less self-sufficiency.

Is this process for me?

What we are offering is encouragement, mentorship, and proven biblical processes to change you and your church’s culture to the glory of God. Pastors of all levels of tenure and church size have attended our coaching sessions and found encouragement, lessons, and practical next steps to better fulfill their ministry calling. 

What topics are covered during training?

Topics of teaching include:

Session 1: A Prayer Culture is Not a Prayer Program
Session 2: A Prayer Culture Always Emanates from the Center of Church Leadership
Session 3: A Prayer Culture is Fueled by Experience, Not Explanation
Session 4: A Prayer Culture is Rooted in Clarity and Conviction About Community
Session 5: A Prayer Culture is Sustained by the Right Motive
Session 6: A Prayer Culture is a Key to Supernatural Mission Achievement
Session 7: A Prayer Culture is More a Crockpot than a Microwave

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